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Nowadays, it is easier to communicate and travel. Therefore, the migration of more people and the spread of germs increases numerously.

The airborne infection is the most difficult infection to prevent. Therefore, Wellis develops products to prevent infection from germs spreading in the air and reduce toxic substances as much as possible to obtain the most suitable air for living by the specific technology used to create Hydroxyl Radical Ions by mixing essential oils of citrus with ozone to create Hydroxyl Radical with natural methods without harmful to people at all.




Hydroxyl Radical is known as Natural Detergent. It is responsible for balancing microorganisms without harmful any life.

Hydroxyl Radical has the potential to eliminate microbes which is inferior to fluorine only. However, it is not harmful to humans and animals.

From the study of revealed that humans are designed to be in dense Hydroxyl Radical locations only.


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